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In 1999, after 125 years making  olive oil  in Córdoba (Andalucía), OLIVO NOBLE S.A.  – as the parent company providing Spanish capital and technology – chose Chile to develop an extra virgin olive oil  manufacturing project that is to set the standard for the whole of South America.

The project begins with the purchase  of the farm “Fundo El Ingenio” in Ovalle, agricultural capital of the IV Region, and is followed by the planting of 170.000 drip irrigated trees, belonging to carefully chosen varieties, on the 600 hectares grove.

The olives from this grove will supply the state of the art mill that through mechanical decanting and  cold milling will extract the precious treasure of the olive juice in the form of extra virgin olive oil.

The Chilean subsidiary company that owns the land and is responsible for the industrial process is AGRONOBLE SA.

Borges Chile SA is a limited company, owned by Aceites Borges SA (world leader in extra virgin olive oil trading) and Agronoble SA, that has been set up to market the olive oil  manufactured in Chile.

November 20, 2023


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